The Teeth Whitening Dangers to Avoid When Brightening Your Smile

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You deserve a white and bright smile, which is why a teeth whitening treatment is a good idea if you suffer stained teeth. However, as you whiten your smile, be careful. There are some whitening dangers that can alter your oral and even overall health. So, it’s best to avoid those dangers as much as possible. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. Dr. Kent Stapley & Dr. Nathan Kitchen, would be happy to list the whitening dangers prevalent.

The first danger is allergies. Whitening treatments have different ingredients that you could be allergic to. If you use a treatment that has that ingredient, you could have an allergic reaction. It’s important to check the ingredient list before starting a treatment so you don’t experience this dangerous situation.

The second danger is a poor whitening technique. If you misuse a whitening treatment, you can suffer tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. You need to follow the instructions closely so you can maintain a strong and healthy smile throughout the whitening process.

The third danger is a poor dental health. If you have gum disease, cavities, a loose dental crown, or other dental problems, you shouldn’t start the treatment. You should get these problems fixed first. If you don’t, consequences can occur.

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