Improve Your Oral Health Care Outlook with Dentures

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If you want to improve your smile and your oral health care outlook, fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth with dentures. If left untreated, the gaps caused by missing teeth can become homes for bacteria and plaque to grow. In addition, gaps between teeth can allow other teeth to move more freely and come loose from their positions.

Dentures are a form of tooth replacement treatment designed to fill in gaps left behind by missing teeth with lifelike alternatives. Dentures blend well with the natural look of your smile and can be crafted for just a few teeth or entire rows. Dentures can be customized for the size and shape your mouth needs to ensure a safe and comfortable fit is possible.

The best thing about dentures is that they are removable. Every night you can remove your dentures for safe-keeping and a comfortable sleep. Always soak your dentures in plain water or a denture-cleaning solution, because they will dry out and crack if left out to dry. If for any reason your dentures are damaged, do not try to fix them yourselves, but instead visit your dentist.

If you are in need of dentures, please call Dr. Kent Stapley & Dr. Nathan Kitchen so we can get you in to see Dr. Dr. Kent Stapley & Dr. Nathan Kitchen and our team as soon as possible. Our office is located in Mesa, Arizona, and we can be reached at 480-830-8946. We will be glad to help you achieve the results you are looking for.