Mesa Affordable Dental Implants

If you are contemplating dentures, Dr. Stapley may be able to offer you an alternative that can help maintain your oral health and provide a more secure solution than conventional removable dentures.

Affordable Dental Implants: Mini Implants

Model of implant root forms with anchored denture.The model pictured to the right helps illustrate the way mini-dental implants work. The mini-implant root forms are implanted into your jaw, where they act as anchors for a full “snap on” denture. This yields a much more stable result than conventional removable dentures, and the implant root forms help to prevent a condition called “facial collapse”.

Facial collapse occurs when all of the teeth have been extracted, and the bones of the jaws have deteriorated. Over time, the body will reabsorb bone at the point of a lost tooth. If ALL of your teeth are extracted, over time this can make the bones of the jaws extremely thin and brittle. Eventually, most people with facial collapse cannot wear any kind of denture at all. As you can imagine, this has a dramatic negative effect on a person’s ability to eat and speak. And imagine going through life without your smile–absolutely, the affected individual suffers socially from the┬ádeterioration of┬átheir appearance.

Mini dental implants work to halt the bone loss at the site of the root form implant. Even just four mini implants per arch can make a big difference in preventing facial collapse.

Faster Healing Time with Affordable Mini Dental Implants

diagram comparing affordable dental implant root form with standard dental implant root formThe implant root forms used to mini dental implants are about 1/3 the diameter of the root forms used for standard dental implants. Typically, patients heal faster from the surgery, and the surgery to place the root forms is easier, which contributes to keeping the costs lower for this type of treatment.

This diagram illustrates the difference in size between the two root forms. The root form on the left is for standard dental implants, while the implant on the right is used to anchor the snap on denture.