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One dentist is cheaper, but I’m worried

I need dental implants. They’re really expensive, so I’ve been calling around getting prices. Almost everyone is about the same price. However, there is one dentist in my area that is several thousand dollars cheaper. That sounds really great, but … Continue reading

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Terrified of facial collapse, but can’t afford implants

I just read online about something called facial collapse with dentures. I called my dentist to ask if it was true. They said it was and told me the way to prevent it is with dental implants. When I asked … Continue reading

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This dentist will cause her to lose teeth

I’m hoping you can give me a second opinion. I do realize you’re limited because you haven’t examined me. I have four missing teeth in the front and two in the back on my upper arch do to a recent … Continue reading

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Why is there such huge price differences in dental implants?

There seem to be such huge differences in dental implant costs in my area. Do you know why?  Are there different types of implants?  Is one type better than another? Mindy F.  – Montana Mindy, The cost of dental implants … Continue reading

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The Best Dentist for an Implant

I needed a tooth extracted and decided I would get it replaced with a dental implant. When my dentist went in to take out the tooth, he said he wasn’t able to get the entire root and had to leave … Continue reading

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Looking for a discount dentist

I’m looking for a dentist who gives discounts on dental implants. Do you know how I’d go about finding one? Melinda M. – Jackson, MS Melinda, The only thing you can do is call around and ask about prices and … Continue reading

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Dentures won’t stay in

I just turned 61 and I’m having trouble with my dentures. I can’t get them to stay in any more. My dentist said there isn’t enough of a ridge to keep them on. What can I do? Jean Anne P.- … Continue reading

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Hit in the mouth

I was recently in a fight and my two front teeth got directly hit.They’re a little loose and I’m worried I will lose them. What should I do? Kevin C.- from Baltimore, MD Kevin, You’ll need to see your dentist … Continue reading

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Should my son let the dentist pull all his teeth?

My son is in his early 20s, but he is a recovering alcoholic. He was on the streets for almost 8 years, with a terrible diet and no dental care at all, and his teeth are completely ruined. They had … Continue reading

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Can you give some information about bone grafting with dental implants?

My regular dentist recently sent me to a specialist, because I have to have four dental implants done. I have worn a partial denture for many years, and the specialist says that the bone of that jaw has really deteriorated, … Continue reading

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