My daughter’s front teeth are damaged—how long should we wait for treatment?

My 10 year old daughter got smacked in the mouth when she was playing hockey, and even though she was wearing her mouth guard, there is significant damage to her teeth. One of her front teeth is broken off horizontally, almost exactly halfway, and the other has a visible crack. Amazingly enough, she has no cuts to her lips or gums.

This happened in an early morning practice this last Saturday, and the first inkling of trouble I had was when I called her dentist and they did not have any kind of referral for an emergency dentist or a number we could call to reach someone to ask what we should do. We took her in to the ER, but they just suggested we call our dentist. When I did reach the office this last Monday, the receptionist said we would have to wait almost three weeks for an appointment! That is ridiculous! She would not put the dentist on the phone, and said that it would take a while for the “roots to desensitize”. How do I know she is even qualified to make that kind of judgement, and without even seeing my daughter?

I am really upset about this. Am I out of line?

You have every right to be upset. While the ER very likely verified that she is in no immediate danger from cuts or other injuries, your dentist should at least have made the time to take a look at her Monday. You may want to seek the services of a dentist who accommodates emergencies. Look for the term “emergency dentist” on their website. Another sign of someone who will be more responsive to your needs is someone who has weekend or evening hours–look for the term “Saturday dentist” when you are checking out their website.

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