Can I smoke a cigarette after my tooth extractions?

I am getting several teeth extracted and am a heavy smoker. Do you think I could smoke a cigarette without getting dry sockets especially if I inhale lightly on the filter?

Thanks, Bradley

Dear Bradley,

A dry socket after a tooth extraction will be more likely to occur if you smoke or even suck through a straw. Those who smoke have more complications in the healing process of a tooth extraction then those who don’t. Not only does the sucking action cause a dry socket but so does the chemical toxins within the cigarette. When one smokes after an extraction it slows down the clotting process which is the beginning of the healing process. A dry socket can become very painful almost like a toothache therefore we highly advise you not to smoke for at least 48 to 72 hours after your extractions in order to prevent further complications.

Post courtesy of Dr. Kitchen and Dr. Stapley, Mesa Arizona dentists

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