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My Daughters Got a Gum Addiction

My 13 year old daughter buys 8 packs of gum at a time and she finishes it in less than a week. Is chewing too much gum unhealthy or is it okay for her to chew this much. Thanks Isabella, … Continue reading

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Bottled Water vs. Tap water

Is bottled water or tap water better for your teeth? Thanks, Jane Dear Jane, The main difference between bottled water and tap water is the presence of fluoride. Research has shown that the consumption of fluoride reduces tooth decay in … Continue reading

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Black Hairy Tongue

My tongue is coated and is turning a brownish black color what is going on? Thanks, Charlie Dear Charlie, It sounds like you have a condition known as black hairy tongue. This is harmless and very treatable. It’s caused by … Continue reading

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Dental Treatment on a Low Income

I need a lot of dental work done however I am on a low income and can’t afford it. Do you know of any places I could go to get my work completed and save my teeth at a low … Continue reading

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Is Sour Candy Bad For Your Teeth?

All candy is bad for our teeth unless its sugar free, however it’s just not the sugar we need to worry about. The real dangers in candy are its Ph levels. The lower the Ph the more acidic it is. … Continue reading

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After Fillings My Bite Feels Off

The other day I had several white fillings placed. When I bite down it hurts and feels like the same pain I was experiencing from the cavities.  Did the dentist leave part of the cavity in my tooth? Thanks, Ally … Continue reading

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Mercury in Dental Fillings

Is the mercury in dental fillings lethal to humans? Thanks, Chris Dear Chris, There has been a lot of hype about the mercury in amalgam (silver) fillings over the years. Amalgam fillings are made up of about 50% mercury and … Continue reading

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How to fix a decayed and broken tooth?

My premolar on the top right has slowly chipped away over the years and is half gone. It has a cavity but I don’t have any pain. I am not sure if the tooth is savable and if so, how … Continue reading

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How long will an abscess tooth be controlled without medication?

Let’s say I don’t treat an abscess tooth at all. How long will an abscess tooth stay in your gums before I am in serious trouble? Could it take a year before it does damage. Could it take a week … Continue reading

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How Can You Avoid Getting Bad Breath?

I want to avoid getting bad breath when am talking. Thanks, Melisa Dear Melisa, Having bad breath may be a sign that you have periodontal disease. We recommend you visit your dentist to schedule a dental cleaning if you are … Continue reading

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